[ Dorelan ] Founded in 1968

The Dorelan brand was established in 1968 by two founders, Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi and Diano Tura, and has a history of more than half a century. Dorelan has grown and built on passion, commitment and reliability and has grown beyond half a century of history. Growing with passion, commitment and reliability, Dorelan quickly became one of the leading companies in the Italian bedding industry and was ranked among the top 500 European companies.
Adhering to the core concepts of people-oriented, family as the root, and business integrity as the top priority, it aims to ensure the ultimate sleep and maximum happiness and satisfaction for the entire family. After half a century of hard work and hard work, it has become Italy's leading mattress (mattress) leader. Brand, high-quality and deep sleep are important factors to ensure everyone's physical and mental health.
This is the main reason why all Dorelan products are designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.

In forty years of business, Dorelan has always stood out in Italy for an innate innovative vocation and a constant search for new technological solutions, new ergonomic shapes, new materials, and the choice of cutting-edge Italian design.

Made in Italy

We believe in Italian quality, in the know-how of a country rich in history, ideas and creativity. Rich in courage and innovation. We believe in those who pursue their trade with passion and in those who always aim high, without ever looking back.

This inspires us to rigorously select our suppliers and surround ourselves with people who share our ethics and a specific commitment to perfection.

Therefore, we source the finest raw materials, meticulously assessed and masterfully processed to guarantee a memorable end result.Their quality is the root of the entire production process, which sprouts and blossoms entirely at our production site. Each part and technology present in Dorelan mattresses is made here, without any exceptions. This will never change.

Because [Made in Italy] is more than just a label. It is a quality choice.

Italy production and R&D

Dorelan's factory in Forli, Italy, which must pass through the famous A14 highway, covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters. The greening area alone accounts for 20,000 square meters. The factory covers an area of ​​40,000 square meters and covers the operating headquarters. , factories and warehousing logistics, from raw materials to finished products, are all one-stop production processes with strict quality control.

In recent years, many internationally renowned mattress (mattress) brands have set up factories in countries with lower costs in order to improve profit performance; the biggest difference of [Dorelan] is that it insists on purchasing raw materials directly from Italy and Europe. , and made in Italy; not only does it reduce procurement costs through large-scale purchases from a single origin and global sales, but also makes [Dorelan multi-shipped] products made in Italy not only unique and excellent product quality, but also have excellent market competition force.

Italy Lifestyle
Original Craftsmanship

European mattress and bed frame manufacturing technology has been recognized as the best in the world; and Italian technology is the best in Europe; currently there are more than 2,300 dealers and specialty stores selling our high-quality products bed linings.

In 2006, it was awarded the title of the only mattress supplier brand for the Athletes Village of the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, providing a comfortable and safe high-quality sleep for the world's top Olympic athletes.

Today, [Dorelan] products have spread to more than 50 countries and have more than 10,000 hotels, cruise ships and partners around the world, including (Marriott, Best Western, Hilton and other five-star resort chains) , are using our quality products.

Europe's Top Cruise Group
Designated bedding

[Dorelan] has completed the supply of high-quality bedding to 45,000 cruise ship rooms around the world. We have also been awarded the title of designated brand for bedding in luxury rooms of many top European cruise groups, including MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises, Ponant and other well-known cruise ships. group.

Due to the high-standard requirements of cruise ships, the bedding equipment in the rooms must be comfortable and luxurious. Therefore, the cruise group has designated [Dorelan] products from mattresses, pillows and cloth covers to meet the needs of guests.

Italy’s natural aesthetic inspiration &
passionate attitude towards art

Dorelan creates products that provide the perfect and ultimate sleep, full of unique design and fashion sense.